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The thruuu SERP Analyzer deciphers the Google algorithm for you, in just one click.

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Analyze SERP Fast

Uncover the structure of up to 100 SERP results, for local or international markets, desktop or mobile, in one simple click.

Craft Optimized Content

Get insights from headings, word count and frequently used topics. Identify search intent and content gaps to make better content briefs.

Audit Your Competitors

Dive deep into the SERP. By comparing top-ranking pages and deconstructing their structure, learn to better optimize your copy.

Scrape Google SERP for Better SEO Insights

Get the blueprint for EXACTLY what Google is looking for. Review up to 100 pages of Google organic results and uncover what Google deems most relevant to a query for any location.

Scrape any Google SERP - thruuu SERP Analyser
SERP Insights - thruuu SERP Analyser

Reverse Engineer Google

Capture hundreds of on-page data points of top ranking content instantly. Understand how to structure your pages to better align with search intent, helping to increase your organic rankings.

Understand Frequently Used Keywords

Identify frequently used keywords included in the top Google results for any query, and build out your content accordingly for stronger SEO results.

Explore SERP Topics and Keyword Frequency - thruuu SERP Analyser
Download Google SERP to Excel - thruuu SERP Analyser

Export Google Search Results to Excel

Every SERP and on-page data point is available in an Excel report for easy analysis.

Get SERP Data in One Click

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Achieve Higher Google Rankings

With thruuu, save hours of SERP analysis to understand what Google values most for each query and to create content that generates better SEO results.

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