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Earn 33% Commission

Are you ready to boost your earnings? Join our lucrative affiliate program and start earning a remarkable 33% recurring commission on every successful referral you make!

How to Sign Up:

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the link below to sign up for our affiliate program.
  2. Fill in your details and create an affiliate account.
  3. Start sharing your unique referral link with your network

€100 – Minimum Payout Threshold

The minimum payout threshold is 100 EUR.

Your unpaid commissions will accumulate in your affiliate account until you reach this threshold.

Quarterly Payout via Invoice or Paypal

Affiliate commissions are paid quarterly, usually on the 1st week of each quarter.

To receive your commissions, you must provide an invoice reflecting the due amount stated in the affiliate portal.

💰Payment will be processed through either your PayPal email or your Bank Identification Statement (RIB/IBAN). Any fees associated with the money transfer or exchange rate will be your responsibility.

🇪🇺 If your company operates within the European Union and is subject to Value-Added Tax (VAT), you must provide us with your intra-community VAT number.

🇫🇷 If you company operates within France and is subject to Value-Added Tax (VAT), you must provide an invoice including VAT. The stated commission amount already includes the VAT. In other words, it is the total amount due, inclusive of VAT.

Long-Lasting Earnings with Our 60-Day Cookie

Think of our referral system like a 60-day cookie. If someone clicks your referral link and makes a purchase within 60 days, you’ll still earn commission.

And here’s the exciting part: when someone subscribes using your link, you’ll keep earning for as long as they stay subscribed. That means continuous earnings that can really add up over time.

How Commissions Are Calculated

Please keep in mind that only the very first purchase will be taken into account for commission calculation.

This applies whether it’s a subscription or a Pay-as-you-Go credit purchase.

In simpler terms, if a user starts by buying Pay-as-you-Go credits and then subscribes, or does it the other way around, only that initial purchase will be considered for the referral program.

🚀 Promoting subscriptions is your most effective strategy.

Start Earning Recurring Commissions Today!

With our program, you don’t just earn a one-time commission; you’ll keep earning on every sale your referrals make! It’s an excellent opportunity to generate passive income.

Before signing up, please review our Terms and Conditions here.

Join the program and Earn 33% Commission

Are you ready to start earning passive income and become a part of our thriving affiliate community?