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Topic Clusters in Numbers

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From Keywords Clustering to Enhanced Topical Authority

Upload a list of keywords from your website

To begin creating topic clusters, the initial step is to upload a list of keywords.

Automatic grouping via search intent

thruuu automatically groups your keywords based on search intent by utilizing data from Google search.

Explore Topic Clusters
insights and competitors

Explore valuable insights by analyzing the data from top-ranking pages within the clusters. Identify critical themes and topics to enhance your content strategy.

Start your content plan with SEO briefs

Simplify your content planning process with pre-filled SEO briefs, enriched with insights from the cluster.

The Most Complete Keyword Grouping and Topic Clusters Tool

Group Keywords at Scale

Automatically group large sets of keywords to develop optimal content and SEO strategies. Our process leverages SERP data to group keywords together by identifying similarities in their SERP.

Explore and Visualize Keyword Clusters

Enhance your SEO and content strategy by analyzing the data and content of each cluster. Effortlessly filter clusters and navigate a user-friendly interface for easy visualization.

Cluster Insights: Unique Competitor View

Go beyond basic clustering. Our tool aggregates all SERPs within a cluster, creating a distinctive view and extracting on-page data from those pages. Armed with comprehensive data, you can compete effectively and create detailed briefs.

Extract Thousands of People Also Asked (PAA)

Analyze Google SERPs for each keyword on your list and extract People Also Asked (PAA) questions. Gain access to a wealth of questions: Upload 15,000 keywords and receive over 50,000 questions.

Analyze Website Rankings and Performance

Access comprehensive website statistics, gain insights into your ranking clusters and keywords, and channel your efforts strategically for maximum impact. Identify pages that rank within each cluster, facilitating targeted optimization initiatives.

Create Content Hubs and Pillar Pages

Our advanced tool automatically groups similar clusters into categories, forming a strategic structure for your website through content hubs and pillar pages. Customize and refine the organization to precisely align with your specific needs.

Streamlined Content Workflow

Seamlessly integrate the keyword clustering tool with the content brief and audit tool. Gain insights to improve ranking pages within a cluster or transition effortlessly to brief creation with just one click.

Export Your Topic Cluster to Excel

Effortlessly export your topic cluster data to Excel for further analysis and sharing with teammates or clients.

For Google SERP analysis, page audits, and SEO insights, thruuu is one of our agency's go-to platforms. It’s also an essential tool in the topic clustering process. What I love about thruuu is how easy it is to use, while being overloaded with useful data. thruuu helps us to achieve a streamlined content creation workflow, and I strongly recommend it to any SEO or content marketing team.
Tom Shapiro
CEO of Stratabeat
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