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Organize your content for improved SEO and user experience with our Keyword Clustering and Topic Clusters feature.

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Drive More Traffic with a Keyword Clustering Strategy

Upload a list of keywords

To begin creating topic clusters, the initial step is to upload a list of keywords.

Group your keywords based on intent

thruuu automatically groups your keywords based on search intent by utilizing data from Google search.

Explore topic clusters

Examine the clusters and determine the most important topics to focus on.

Start your content plan with SEO briefs

Streamline your content planning process by starting with SEO briefs.

Seamlessly Create SEO Briefs from your Clusters

Create SEO briefs with ease by utilizing the data from your clusters.

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Analyze your Competitors and Top Ranking Pages

Discover your competitors' strategies and analyze top ranking pages to improve your SEO.

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Group Keywords at Scale

Automatically group large sets of keywords to develop optimal content and SEO strategies.

Topic Cluster Analysis

Improve your SEO and content strategy by analyzing the data and content of each cluster.

Identify Search Intent

Determine the intent behind user searches to create content that resonates more deeply and to improve your SEO performance.

Review Your Competitors

Enhance your SEO and content performance by understanding your competitors' keyword strengths and weaknesses.

Export Your Topic Cluster to Excel

Easily export your topic cluster data to Excel for further analysis and sharing with your teammates or clients.

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Features designed to make you a better SEO strategist

Cluster keywords

Group related topics together to improve SEO and user experience.

Visualize your topic clusters

Make data-driven decisions by visually exploring your topic clusters.

Understand search intent

Uncover search intent to ensure you're creating the right content.

Review your competitors

Outperform your competition by monitoring and evaluating their strategies.

Get website performance metrics

Improve your website's performance by tracking key metrics.

Analyze top ranking pages

Examine top ranking pages to gain insights on successful SEO and content strategies.

Streamlined workflow

Effortlessly plan and execute your content strategy with a streamlined content creation workflow.

Extract thousands of questions

Discover thousands of questions to improve your content and SEO.

Export cluster to Excel

Easily export your cluster data to Excel for further analysis and storage.

Achieve Higher Google Rankings

With thruuu, save hours of SERP analysis to understand what Google values most for each query and to create content that generates better SEO results.

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