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Define your topic and target audience

Kick off by choosing how your audience seeks out your specific topic.

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Access a ready-to-go content brief with essential data gathered from your competitors.

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Begin with an AI-generated content outline and refine it by exploring your competitors' content.

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content team

Boost teamwork and creativity by sharing content briefs with your writing team.

Unleash the Power of our Content Brief Generator

Instant Content Briefs powered by Google Insights

Utilizing our robust SERP Analyzer, you accelerate the process with pre-filled briefs that incorporate key insights from your competitors, such as frequently asked questions and key topics for your content.

Empower your Writers with the Exact Information

Equip yourself with Writer Directive for clear objectives, leverage SERP Analysis for a competitive edge, distill ideas through the Article Summary, and solidify structure using the Content Outline. Empower your writers with the exact information they need for exceptional content.

Craft Perfect Article Outlines with AI

Craft the ideal content structure effortlessly by utilizing our AI-powered outline generator. Start fresh with an AI-generated outline or analyze your competitors' structures for inspiration.

Smarter Title and Description Ideas

Enhance your content's visibility with our intelligent analysis. Our tool examines top-ranking pages to suggest titles and descriptions aligned perfectly with search intent.

Tailored Brief Templates that Fits Every Project

Tailor your content briefs precisely to each project's needs. With our library of 15+ customizable elements, easily create templates suited for diverse client projects. Save time and ensure consistency by inserting pre-written text snippets.

Streamline Teamwork with Shared Briefs

Boost productivity by seamlessly sharing your content briefs with your writing team. Our sharing feature enhances collaboration, ensuring everyone is on the same page during the content creation process.

Convert Briefs to Doc

Transition smoothly from brief to document with our export feature. Convert your content briefs effortlessly into a doc format, simplifying the transition to the content creation phase.

For Google SERP analysis, page audits, and SEO insights, thruuu is one of our agency's go-to platforms. It’s also an essential tool in the topic clustering process. What I love about thruuu is how easy it is to use, while being overloaded with useful data. thruuu helps us to achieve a streamlined content creation workflow, and I strongly recommend it to any SEO or content marketing team.
Tom Shapiro
CEO of Stratabeat
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