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Product Updates

Introducing: New thruuu Design for a Better User Experience

It is a major milestone for thruuu and its users. The team has worked hard over the last six months to revamp the user interface of your favorite SEO tools and improve the user experience. The goal of thruuu is to become your best companion for enhancing and streamlining your content operations. The vision of


B2B SaaS SEO: The 3 Best Strategies in 2024

In this article, you’ll discover 3 SaaS SEO strategies for boosting organic traffic and increasing your SaaS conversion rate. We’ve used these 3 strategies to grow our SaaS business, and the graphs below show the positive trend. Our guide is made to be very practical and actionable: Let’s get started and bring your SaaS SEO

Content Operations

Create an SEO Content Plan with PAA and Related Searches

Are you leveraging Google’s People Also Asked (PAA) and Related Searches to generate keyword ideas and create new content? If so, you’re on the right page. We will generate thousands of keywords from Google’s PAA and Related Searches and build a robust content plan to supply content for several weeks or months. I will demonstrate


Best SEO Tools for Your B2B SaaS and Startup

Most SaaS founders and business marketers use SEO tools to increase their visibility and topical authority across SERPs.  They also use such tools to identify content gaps, conduct keyword research, and leverage link-building opportunities. Because there are plenty of SEO tools online, navigating this digital landscape is both troublesome and time-consuming.  In our guide, we’ve

Product Updates

Introducing: Updated Content Brief Generator and Custom Prompts for Outlines

Exciting news for all thruuu users, SEO experts, and copywriters who enjoy using thruuu to create content briefs! We’re thrilled to announce some fantastic updates to enhance your experience with the content brief generator. Here’s a quick overview of the new features: Furthermore, you can create custom prompts to structure your content outline headings. Are

SEO Copywriting

15 Expert Tips to Create Content Outlines

Content outlines are important because they are the foundation of good SEO-optimized content. They can help you organize content ideas, develop a solid structure, and ensure that your content is conveyed in a clear and concise manner.  A content outline emphasizes the most important points, main ideas, and overall structure of a written piece. As

SEO Topic Clusters

Topical Authority Finally Explained (27 Questions Answered)

Search engines judge content for its quality and accessibility. If your content is relevant to a user’s search intent and answers all queries, it is deemed trustworthy.  The best articles on the web discuss topics in detail including relevant information that helps support any claim. For this reason, it’s essential for businesses to create content

SEO Copywriting

Creating an Effective SEO Content Brief 

Writing good SEO content briefs is important for any successful content strategy. An SEO content brief is an important document that Since search engine algorithms are always improving, there is an increasing demand for content that is well-optimized. As a result, content creators or business owners need to understand the key aspects of an effective

Content Operations

Top 13 Free Content Optimization Tools

Content optimization tools are essential for achieving your content marketing objectives. They can help improve the quality of content to achieve higher search engine rankings, which leads to increased online visibility.  Although content optimization tools can help you save time and accurately analyze your content needs, creating effective content does not have to be expensive.