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Introducing: New thruuu Design for a Better User Experience

Samuel Schmitt

It is a major milestone for thruuu and its users.

The team has worked hard over the last six months to revamp the user interface of your favorite SEO tools and improve the user experience.

The goal of thruuu is to become your best companion for enhancing and streamlining your content operations.

The vision of thruuu is to offer the best tool for B2B content and help you:

This major milestone is a step towards our vision, which aims to reduce the entry barrier and ease your content workflow.

The key elements of this new version are:

Additional changes to note include:

A lot of great news.

Please also note that some features, such as the Chrome Extension, Performance Analysis, and New Analysis, are deprecated.

You can read the details below.

A New UI

This new design aims to bring some freshness while keeping the familiarity our users love.

You should immediately feel at home with the new UI.

When you open the SERP analysis tool, you should see the primary information at a glance.

The SERP insights and key metrics about your competitors, such as word count, image count, page rank (the competitiveness factor), and last update, are all readily available.

You will also see various reports to help you streamline your SERP analysis as the overview of your competitors outlines.

When you click on a result in the result view, a right panel similar to your favorite Chrome extension opens, displaying extensive on-page information.

In the Topics report, you will get an overview of the most frequent terms and keywords used by your competitors.

Here, you can click on a topic to see how it is used in the context of the search result pages.

You will notice that the AI tools are now displayed on the right. With this release, two AI tools are available:

Please note that the Content and Idea Tool is only available to Pro and Agency users.

A New Onboarding

We’ve built a new onboarding flow for trial users.

Please note that credits are the thruuu currency:

Previously, when you created a free account, you received 10 credits and limited access to thruuu. Free users had to choose how to use these credits.

From now, when you create a free thruuu account, you have access to all the premium thruuu features.

You can:

You can try everything. Then, you still have your 10 free credits to continue testing the solution.

Now you can even get more free credits by testing all the features.

We introduced a reward mechanism that gives you additional credits based on your actions.

So don’t hesitate to try all the thruuu features to get more than 50 free credits.

AI Content Brief for Every Plan

The content brief generator has also been upgraded. It is now easier to navigate between elements.

The major change is that the AI features to generate titles, descriptions, and outlines are now available to all paid users and subscribers.

The content brief template is now easier to use with a streamlined drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to design the brief template of your choice.

You can easily define which elements you want to include in your brief and create detailed documents to share with your writers.

Cheaper Keyword Clustering

The cost of creating keyword clusters has been halved.

Previously, you needed 100 credits to cluster 1,000 keywords. Now, you only need 50 credits to cluster 1,000 keywords.

What does this mean in real money? How does keyword clustering cost?

With thruuu keyword clustering, the cost of grouping 1,000 keywords is between $12 and $4.70.

This change positions thruuu as one of the best keyword clustering tools.

There’s no more excuse—start grouping your keywords and building robust content plans now.

Additionally, the UI of the keyword clustering tool has been refreshed. It is now easier to browse your keyword clusters, filter them, pick your favorites, and start analyzing their content.

thruuu Speaks French and Soon More Languages

We aim to make thruuu accessible to everyone.

The interface language can now be changed to French.

More languages will follow soon.

To update the language, go to the settings and choose your preferred one.

A New Cancel Policy

We hope you’ll remain a happy customer for a long time, but we understand that sometimes users decide to cancel.

The previous cancellation policy frustrated churned users, as they lost almost all their accumulated credits.

Previously, you kept only 20% of the credits from your last billing period.

You will keep 100% of the credits from the current period. However, any accumulated credits will be withdrawn.

With thruuu, credits roll over to the next month as long as you stay a subscriber. This is a benefit of being a subscriber.

When you cancel your subscription, you lose this benefit and keep only your last month’s credits (or last year’s credits if you are on an annual plan).

Deprecated Features

Finally, some features have been deprecated and are no longer available.

The ChatGPT Content Brief Assistant Chrome Extension is now deprecated. This extension was created before OpenAI offered an API.

AI features are directly available in the tool for all paid users, making the extension unnecessary.

In the SERP Analysis, you won’t be able to analyze page performance or scrape the news. Other tools are better suited for these tasks.

thruuu focuses on creating great content and analyzing organic results.

With these exciting updates, thruuu continues to enhance your content creation process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

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