Discover Topics Covered by Your Competitors on Google and Generate Fresh Content Ideas

Are you curious about the most prevalent topics and information covered by the top-ranking pages on Google Search?

With the thruuu SERP Analysis tool and its feature analyzing the most common content discussed within the content of top-ranking pages on Google, you can easily discern the primary pieces of information to include in your content.

Additionally, as creating a unique angle is key to offering a distinctive experience and standing out from competitors on the SERP, our SEO tool also shares new ideas and perspectives to include in your content.

Let’s explore into this new report from the thruuu SERP Analyzer, offering in-depth content analysis.

Overview of the Content Analysis Report

The report shares the most frequently encountered information found on the top-ranking pages of Google search results.

By analyzing the top 10 SERP entries, it identifies clusters of similar content and paragraphs, providing concise summaries.

Additionally, the report offers fresh perspectives and new ideas to enrich your own content strategy.

The report is comprised of two main parts:

Explore Frequent Content

Under “Frequent Content” you will find a list of topics and ideas that are already discussed by the top-ranking pages on Google.

Thanks to this list, you can easily identify the main topics that you could also include in your own copy.

Below the most frequent information discussed for the query “developing a b2b content strategy“.

Explore Frequent Content on the SERP

By clicking on the info icon, you can display all the similar paragraphs found in the articles ranking on Google.

 similar paragraphs found in the articles ranking on Google

A filter at the top offers several options:

Explore New Ideas

When creating content, it is important to follow established trends and cover topics that are the most awaited by the searcher.

To stand out and make your content different, it is even more important to include new angles in your copy.

The second fold of the report is all about this: Giving you content ideas.

Explore New Ideas

The ideas are organized into the following categories:

In total, you will get 15 ideas to include in your content and make it different from the rest of the SERP.

How to Make the Most of the Content Analysis Report

Answer the Main Search Intent

If certain key information is shared across the top 10 results on Google, it’s because they address the main search intent effectively.

When someone searches on Google, the best answers are suggested, and these often have some information in common.

You could incorporate this information into your copy to align with the main search intent.

Avoid Producing Copycat Content: Create Unique Copy

Even though your copy must share common patterns with your competitors, it’s crucial to also bring something unique to the table.

Understand that Google also prioritizes content that offers new information.

The content analysis provides new ideas that you can explore and include in your copy.

Obviously, you don’t need to include all 15 new ideas but analyze which categories make sense and what new information you could bring.

Including user-generated content in SEO is always appreciated; you could survey your clients, colleagues, or gather input from social media.

Moreover, providing a new perspective, drawing from your own experience, or approaching the topic from a specific vertical or industry is a good way to differentiate yourself.

Get started with the Content Analysis tool

The Content Analysis tool is available within the SERP Analysis tool of thruuu and is only available to subscribers.

Once you run a SERP analysis, visit the “Content & Ideas” tab and hit “Generate Content Analysis“.

It will take a couple of minutes until the report is done. In the meantime, you can browse the other SERP reports.

Start Exploring the SERP

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