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Samuel Schmitt - Founder of thruuu

Hi, I'm Samuel Schmitt, the founder of thruuu.

With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, web development, content strategy and SEO, I'm passionate about the inner workings of Google and organic search.

In 2019, I became fed up with the labor-intensive, manual process that goes into creating a remarkable, high-ranking piece of content.

For any content piece, I invariably had looked at the Google SERP, assessing the various elements included in the results.

I then manually extracted all of the key information from the top-ranking pages. I referenced related terms, frequently used keywords, and PAA questions. I checked the word count of each of the top Google search results.

From there, I would analyze the structure of each of the top ranking pages...On and on it went.

The process was not only manual, but it was incredibly time consuming. And frustrating!

I knew there had to be an easier, more efficient process. But when I searched online, I couldn’t find any.

So, I created thruuu!

thruuu was developed to save you time. By providing a fast and seamless SERP analysis with hundreds of data points for a single Google query, thruuu delivers deep and detailed insights for better SEO in just one click.

For any query. In any language. For any location.

I hope you find thruuu to be extremely helpful in your pursuit of higher Google rankings and greater organic traffic.

Samuel Schmitt founder of thruuu


Let me know your questions. Or feel free to simply say, "Hi!"

I'm eager to hear what's on your mind and to help you on your SEO journey!

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