thruuu, an Awesome SERP Analyzer

Thruuu is an Awesome Google SERP Analyzer.

It will help you improve your SEO and create better content to rank first on the search.

Take 5 minutes to understand:

What is a SERP Analyzer

A SERP Analyser is a tool browsing Search Engines to extract data and analyze information about the result page. 

Different kinds of data are extracted from the Search Engine Result Page:

With thruuu, you get both data On-SERP and On-Page, and on top of this, you get fantastic insights and statistics about the SERP, such as the longest content, the most important topics, and the most important common questions.

A SERP Analyzer such as thruuu lets you build an excellent content strategy based on an SEO practice called SERP Analysis.

SERP Analysis is a key activity for SEO and content writers and should not be neglected. 

By analyzing search engines and the top-ranking pages, you will: 

Get Google Data in one click and start analyzing the SERP

Thruuu is a SERP Analyzer tool focused on Google Search. It will scrape any Google SERPs with a simple click. 

To get started, you need to enter your main keyword, select the Google search engine of your choice, the location if you do local SEO, the language, the number of results to analyze and the device. 

Indeed, with thruuu, you can analyze the desktop version of the SERP or the mobile version. 

If you are a technical SEO, you can also tick the performance option and get information about Page Speed and Core Web Vital metrics for all the 100 pages displayed on a Google SERP.

Once you are set up, hit the “Scrape the SERP” button and wait 30 seconds to get a ton of information from the SERP.

Run your first SERP analysis with thruuu

Once thruuu has extracted all information, you get access to a lot of information.

The interface is very user friendly, and several tabs will display the main information from the SERP:

In the video below, you will understand the main features of thruuu and how to navigate the tool.

In the end, you will be able to run your first SERP analysis.

Become a better SEO and Copywriter by leveraging Google SERP Data

With thruuu, you get access to many data about Google SERP.

It will be too long to list everything here. But you can download all Google Search data in Excel and start exploring them.

If you want to start working with thruuu, follow the crash courses and look at the following videos. 

They are made to help you understand the tool and become a master at SERP Analysis.

Get started with thruuu and analyze the SERP

With thruuu, you will save a lot of time analyzing the SERP and get better SEO results by crafting the perfect content.
Don’t miss this opportunity.