SEO Word Count for every Web Pages on Google Search with thruuu

Do you want to analyse your competitor content and article ranking on Google Search? 

And especially the number of words in their article !!

With thruuu, a free SERP analysis tool, you get a lot of data about Google SERP and the word count for every page ranking on the search engine. 

The word counter tool of thruuu will help improve your SEO as it counts how many words are in a particular article and shows you the average number of words present on any page of any Google SERP.

What is the best word count for SEO?

There is not best word count for your SEO copywriting. Google doesn’t consider word count as a ranking factor. 

What is important is that your content is comprehensive and cover a topic in detail. The word count of articles can tell you how deep your competition is covering a topic.

For instance, if you want to speak about “growing tomatoes” and you see that the top-ranking articles on Google offer between 2000 and 3000 words, it is more likely that your article must be in the same range or beyond. With a thin content of 800 words, it might be challenging to be as complete as the other articles.

Leverage the word count to understand how complete your article has to be and the format of your article, long or short-form content.

How does thruuu check word count?

With thruuu, you can analyse any Google SERP for any keyword.

For each web page on the search engine, thruuu will analyse the number of words and the number of images contained in the body of the articles. 

It gives you a precise picture of the length of every article on the SERP.

At several places in the SEO tool, you will find information about the number of words:

Get insights from the SERP and number of words on average

After hitting the “scrape” button, you will see a panel with some great insights about the SERP to analyse.

The SERP Insights give you information from all the organic pages available on the SERP up to 100 results.

It will display:

You can find the same information for images, as thruuu gives you information about the image count.

Word count for each result of a Google Search

For every single web page available on a Google Search, you will get a lot of information, including the word count and image count. 

Click on a result from the card view, and it will open a panel with additional information.

Compare and sort the results of the SERP by word count

From the result tab, you can switch to the table view. It is a great view to get an overview of important metrics of the SERP.

You can find in the column Words the number of words on each page.

The green label indicates that the number of words is above the average. On the opposite, the orange label indicates that the number of words is below the average.

Similar information is available for the images. As well, the view shows the number of headings (H2) for the article. 

You can sort the column to display the article by longest or shortest. It is pretty handy when you are preparing your content brief.

Compare and sort the results of the SERP by word count

Do more SERP analysis and understand the topic covered and main keywords

If you are analysing the SERP for your daily SEO, thruuu has more to offer than a word counter tool of the SERP. 

Additional on-page data are available at your fingerprint, and you get the number of images, links, schema and more data for each web page. 

You can also understand the structure of each article by looking at the headlines hierarchy.

On top of that, you can analyse the most common topics used by top-ranking articles on the search engine and get information about the keyword density on the SERP.

Finally, export all the Google Search data in an excel report.

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