Identify keywords frequency and topics to boost your SEO

Samuel Schmitt

The Google search engine result page (SERP) gives you a lot of information about what topics you should cover and what keywords you must use in your content.

By analyzing the top pages of Google, their structure and topical depth, you discover how complete your article must be to rank on the first page of Google.

The NLP technology of thruuu and its scoring model will identify the most important topics for any SERP, so you know how to improve your SEO copywriting.

Get access to an awesome keyword frequency tool

If you are not yet a thruuu user, your very first step is to create an account of the free SERP Analysis tool.

Once you are logged in, run your first SERP analysis. Enter a keyword and hit the “Scrape the SERP” button. 

The topics and keyword frequency analysis are available at different places in the application:

Keyword Frequency on Google SERP

Under the tab “Topics”, you find key information to create your next content and write a comprehensive article. 

As a reminder, a comprehensive article is an article covering the most important topics associated with a search query and the user search intent.

The most frequent topics and keywords used by the top 10 pages of the SERP are displayed in a table view:

The most frequent topics of the SERP

Understand how top ranking pages on Google use keywords

For each keyword, you can see it in the context of the pages. Clicking on “See in Pages” will open a popup and highlight sentences containing the keyword. 

It is useful when you prepare content briefs and need to highlight important ideas.

Understand how top pages use keywords

Compare each page of the SERP and the topics covered

Under the same tab, “Topics”, you can switch view and display side by side the top 10 pages of the SERP and the most frequent keywords.

This view is really helpful to identify a content gap and what topics you need to cover to rank first.

Compare each page of the SERP and the topics covered

Analyze titles, headlines and their keywords frequency

With thruuu, you can also write the perfect title and headlines by analyzing what keywords are the most used.

Under the tab Title, Heading 1 and Description, you analyze the most frequent terms used.

Analyze titles, headlines and their keywords frequency

Get started with thruuu and analyze the most important topics of the SERP

With thruuu, you will save a lot of time analyzing the SERP and get better SEO results by crafting the perfect content.
Don’t miss this opportunity.