Explore and Create Content Outlines

Samuel Schmitt

Building content optimized for SEO needs a solid structure. 

A content outline helps your writers with the creative process.

It helps content editors craft a perfect copy by following a template based on targeted keywords and topics.

With thruuu, you’ll have access to an excellent SEO tool designed for content creators:

Let have a look at the best content outline generator.

Analyze the SERP to make the best SEO content outline

The first step to use the content outline tool is to create an account with thruuu Content Optimization Solution.

You can get started for free.

Once you are logged in, go to the Scraper, the SERP Analysis feature of thruuu.

Enter your target keywords, select other parameters such as the county or the Google search engine of your choice.

When you are ready, click on “Scrape the SERP.”

Analyze the SERP to make the best content outline

Congratulation, you have run your first SERP Analysis. The next step is to explore the report and use our outline tools.

Analyze competitor headlines for better content outlines

Once you are on the SERP Analysis report, visit the tab “Outline

Our tool displays the structure of every article ranking on Google Search, providing you with insights into their organization and headings.

No need for a Chrome Extension or opening each article one by one – you have all the information at your fingertips.

And thruuu offers advanced analysis.

Jump to the next tab “Headings” and generate the report.

This tool displays the most frequent headings on Google grouped by similarity.

You can easily explore H2 and H3 tags from the top 100 search results and filter by position of the page.

AI-Powered Content Outline Generation

After analyzing the SERP, you can explore another powerful feature of thruuu: The Content Brief Generator.

The Content Brief Generator extracts information from the top-ranking pages on Google and organizes it into a well-structured brief templates.

The content outline tool is an essential piece of the content brief feature, and you can:

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to craft custom outline templates tailored to your specific needs.

If you require a particular heading structure for your outline, our outline tool has you covered.

You can set prompts that serve as guidelines for your outline template structure.

When you’re creating a new outline template, you’ll need to provide instructions such as:

Below each heading (H2, H3), write a short note for the writer describing the information to be covered in the current section. Start your explanation with the label “Note for the writer:”.

Our outline generator will then follow your instructions, analyze the top-ranking pages on Google, and generate the desired outline structure complete with the appropriate headings and labels.

Below you can see the outline generated for the keyword “What is SEO”.

With thruuu, you have access to a variety of SEO copywriting tools for crafting, generating, and optimizing content outlines.

What’s even better is that you can kickstart your journey at no cost.

Get started with thruuu and generate a SEO content outline in one click

With thruuu, you will save a lot of time analyzing the SERP and get better SEO results by crafting the perfect content.
Don’t miss this opportunity.