Creating Custom Outline Templates with Prompts in thruuu

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Having repeatable outline templates is essential for efficient content creation. 

You may want 

With the thruuu Content Brief Generator, you can now provide instructions (prompts) to shape the structure of your content outline.

This tool can analyze your competitors’ content strategy while simultaneously adhering to your provided article template guidance.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Outline Templates.

Overview of the Outline Template Feature

The Outline Template feature is an integral part of the Content Brief Generator, a tool designed to help you craft detailed briefs for your writers.

The Content Brief Generator analyzes the top-ranking articles on Google and compiles this information within your content brief.

Inside the brief, you can structure your outline and provide a heading structure.

AI can also generate this heading structure, and this is where the Outline Template becomes invaluable.

Key features of the Outline Template

You can create as many outline templates as you need to suit your content requirements.

Note: this feature is exclusively available to Pro and Agency users.

Creating Your First Outline Template with thruuu

To begin your first outline template, navigate to the Outline Template interface from the left-side navigation menu.

Here, you’ll find options to create a new outline template or edit existing ones.

When creating a new outline format, you’ll need to specify the following:

The most crucial element is the prompt, and here are some best practices:

The best way to illustrate is by sharing some examples of prompts and their corresponding outcomes.

Note: Occasionally, the AI might generate unexpected results, or your prompt may need refinement. Feel free to make adjustments and try again, and rest assured, generating an outline won’t consume any credits.

Example of Prompts for Article Outlines

Below you will find example of prompt and the outline generated by the content brief tool.

Blog Post Template with Notes for Writers

Prompt Example

The content outline is for a blog post.

Below each heading (H2, H3), write a short note for the writer describing the information to be covered in the current section.

Start your explanation with the label “Note for the writer:”

FAQ Blog Post Template

Prompt Example

The content outline is for a blog post and is organized around questions and answers.

The outline must be a list of questions and answers only.

Each question will be an H2.

Follow the question with a paragraph answering the question.

Important, Heading 2 contains only questions and end with a ‘?’.

For example: 

H2. What is <Topic>?

short answer.

🚀 Pro Tip: Check this article explaining how to create a FAQ Blog Post. A great content format organized around questions and answers.

Sarcastic Outline Template

Prompt Example

Write every heading text in a very very sarcastic way. It must be funny.

Finish the outline with a H2 containing a Rocket emoji and the text “final thoughts (if you still care)”

SEO Tool Versus Outline Template

Prompt Example

The outline is for a versus article comparing 2 SEO Tools.

Start the outline with a description of each product in two distinct sections.

Label it “What is <product A>”. Use a H2.

Label it “What is <product B>”. Use a H2.

Then add one section per product labeled “Pros of <product a> Vs. <product B>.” Use a H2.

List below each “Pros” the key feature of each product. Use an H3 per feature.

Add an H2 “Customer Review”

Add an H2 “Pricing”

Finish with “Which is better: Product A or Product B?”

Smartphone Comparison Blog Post Template

Prompt Example

The outline is for a blog post comparing two smartphones.

Start with an introduction (H2) describing the importance of choosing the right smartphone.

Include an H2 section for “Specifications” detailing the key specs of each phone.

Add an H2 “Pros and Cons” section for each product, followed by H3 headings for specific advantages and disadvantages.

Conclude with an H2 “Final Verdict” summarizing which phone might be the better choice.

Travel Blog Outline Template

Prompt Example

The Outline is for a travel blog. Structure it this way.

H2. What to see in <destination>

H3. list the main things to see on various H3.

H2. What to eat in <destination>

H3. list the main things to eat with various H3.

H2. Where to stay in <destination>

H3. list the main places or hotels to stay to eat with various H3.

Finish with a FAQ section

H2. FAQ about <destination>

H3. List the main questions and answers

Recipe Blog Post Template

Prompt Example

The content outline is for a recipe blog post.

Begin with a ‘Instructions’ section (H2), followed by H3 subheadings for the main steps of the recipe.

Include a ‘Ingredients’ section (H2), followed by a list of the main ingredients.

Add more sections (H2 and H3) to share additional recipe context inspired by competitors on the SERP.

Conclude with a ‘Frequently Asked Questions'(FAQ) section. and list 4 questions and their answers.

Book Review Outline Template

Prompt Example

The outline is for a book review.

Start with an H2 “Book Overview” providing essential details about the book.

Create an H2 “Plot Summary” section summarizing the story, followed by H3 subheadings for major plot points.

Add an H2 “Character Analysis” section, discussing key characters and their development.

Conclude with an H2 “Personal Reflection” sharing your thoughts and feelings about the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plan is required to use the outline template feature?

The outline template feature is exclusively available to Pro and Agency users.

Does it use my credits to create an outline template?

No, creating an outline template or generating an outline from the brief based on AI won’t consume any credits.

Does it work in any language?

The outline template will generate an outline based on the selected language. However, it is recommended to write the prompt in English for optimal results.

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