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Product Updates

Introducing: Updated Content Brief Generator and Custom Prompts for Outlines

Exciting news for all thruuu users, SEO experts, and copywriters who enjoy using thruuu to create content briefs! We’re thrilled to announce some fantastic updates to enhance your experience with the content brief generator. Here’s a quick overview of the new features: Furthermore, you can create custom prompts to structure your content outline headings. Are

Product Updates

thruuu Pricing Explained

thruuu is a complete SEO content solution offering SERP analysis, content briefs, and keyword clustering features. Our solution automates your SEO and copywriting processes by scraping the top-ranking pages in Google for a specific keyword and delivering data that you can use to optimize your web page and create great content. In this article, we’ll

Product Updates

thruuu, 4th anniversary!! What’s coming next??

thruuu is four years old. I officially launched it on September 4th, 2019. Below is the tweet that started it all. thruuu has now achieved a user base of 40,000+, and it boasts hundreds of happy customers, including renowned enterprises, SaaS providers, and agencies. Let’s use this article as an opportunity to reflect on the

Product Updates

Introducing Keyword Cluster Categories (for Hub and Spoke Model) and more stuff…

We are excited to introduce a new feature categorizing your keyword clusters to let you organize your website with a hub and spoke model. The keyword clustering tool has been boosted with new features to ease your workflow: The SERP Analysis tool, Bulk SERP Analysis tool, and Content Brief Generator also have some improvements. How

Product Updates

Introducing the New thruuu Content Brief Generator

We are excited to let you know that thruuu now includes a robust content brief generator.  Produce content briefs that your audience AND Google will love. What is the thruuu Content Brief Builder? thruuu already has been helping you to reverse engineer Google for better organic search rankings. The tool delivers an in-depth Google SERP analysis, providing you with hundreds

Product Updates

Thruuu, 3 years of an SEO SaaS Story

Thruuu is three years old. I officially launched it on September 4th, 2019. Below is the tweet that started it all. I was excited to share my first ever free SEO tool – an awesome SERP Analyzer. Today, in this “not SEO optimized” article, I will share with you: If you are already a thruuu