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Introducing the New thruuu Content Brief Generator

Samuel Schmitt

We are excited to let you know that thruuu now includes a robust content brief generator

Produce content briefs that your audience AND Google will love.

What is the thruuu Content Brief Builder?

thruuu already has been helping you to reverse engineer Google for better organic search rankings.

The tool delivers an in-depth Google SERP analysis, providing you with hundreds of on-page data points of top-ranking content. All with a single click.

Now, thruuu enables you to connect the insight from the SERP analysis tool immediately to your content briefs.

The workflow is integrated, streamlining your content development process.

You can now use more SERP data in building SEO-friendly content briefs aligned with search intent for better Google rankings

How to create a content brief with thruuu

The workflow is straightforward. In less than 10 minutes, compile an SEO optimized brief.

The 5 steps to create a content brief:

  1. Define your target keywords and audience
  2. Do a SERP analysis and review the information and pre-filled data to understand the search intent and competitors’ content structure
  3. Add additional information to the pre-filled elements
  4. Build your content outline by looking at your competitors’ content structure
  5. Share the brief with your team of writers

Continue reading the tutorial for a detailed explanation.

Better Content Outlines

Building a great outline is one of the most critical aspects of a new content brief.

With thruuu, you can review the top ranking outlines, and then craft your own with the knowledge of what Google is prioritizing.

Uncover your competitors’ outlines. Copy top-performing outlines or simply the most relevant headings to what you want to write.

Then customize your outline to make it your own — and to make it better than what’s currently available.

Create the perfect content brief from a template

On top of the content brief builder, you can create your own content brief templates and select the specific elements you value most (from a library of 14 elements).

In a nutshell, the new Templates feature offers a new drag-and-drop interface to create templates for your briefs. And you can create as many different Templates as you’d like.

Additional content brief elements have been added to the platform to help you further customize your briefs with more detail than ever before.

The brief elements library includes new elements such as:

I recommend you look at the following tutorial to harness the full potential of this new feature.

Export your brief to a doc or share it with your writers

Once you brief is created you have two options to share it:

Get started with thruuu and create awesome content briefs

With thruuu, you will save a lot of time analyzing the SERP and get better SEO results by crafting the perfect content.
Don’t miss this opportunity.