Get Website Page Rank Score with thruuu

Samuel Schmitt

If you are looking at the page rank of the website rankings on Google Search, with thruuu, there is a metric telling you the authority of a website.

This metric is: Page Rank Score.

Is it Google PageRank? No. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the Google algorithm.

So what is this metric?

What is the Page Rank Score in thruuu?

The Page Rank Score measures the importance of a website, also called its authority.

It gives you a way to compare the pages authorities ranking on Google and perform a detailed SERP analysis.

The Page Rank Score is displayed at different places in the application and available in the Excel report of the SERP. The highest score is 100, and the lowest is 0.

The metric is not proprietary. The data is coming from an open-source project: The Open Page Rank initiative.

As stated on the website of Open Page Rank: “The Open PageRank initiative was created to bring back Page Rank metrics so that different domains could easily be compared. We do this using Open Source data provided by Common Crawl and Common Search. The common crawl corpus contains petabytes of data that has been collected over the last 7 years. The July 2017 crawl contains close to 3 billion web pages.

Where to find the Page Rank Score metric in thruuu?

The Page Rank Scores are displayed at several places in thruuu.

Firstly, you get the average Page Rank Score in the SERP Insights card together with the best score, and the lowest score found.

Get Page Rank Score with thruuu

Below, the result tab and its card view display the Page Rank Score of each page.

When switching to the Table View, you get an overview of the SERP and pages key metrics, including the Page Rank Score.

How to leverage the data from the Page Rank Score

Page Rank score of 0 represents a low-quality website, whereas, on the other hand, a score of 100 would represent the most authoritative of the SERP.

This metric lets you gauge the competitiveness of the SERP for a specific keyword. 

When trying to compete with authoritative websites, the best advice is to create compelling content and add extra efforts to your research and writing. 

Spend time understanding the topics covered on the SERP for the targeted keyword and leverage content gaps.

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