Product Updates

Thruuu, 3 years of an SEO SaaS Story

Thruuu is three years old. I officially launched it on September 4th, 2019. Below is the tweet that started it all. I was excited to share my first ever free SEO tool – an awesome SERP Analyzer. Today, in this “not SEO optimized” article, I will share with you: Why I created thruuu What you […]

SEO Analysis

Understanding Search Intent And How People Search

Understanding search intent is a crucial element for achieving SEO success. Maybe you have read other articles on search intent ranking on the SERPs, and they more or less all explain the same thing. Perhaps they have the same format, outlines, and even similar content. Then, you click on one result that better satisfies your […]

SEO Copywriting

FAQ Blog Post: Easy Copywriting Technique to Get Fast SEO Results

Are you often struggling with ranking your articles on Google? Discover an easy copywriting technique for SEO. FAQ Blog Post. A copywriting technique organized around questions and answers Tailored to grab your audience’s attention And super simple to create In this article, you will learn a step by step approach to create your first FAQ Blog Post How […]