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10 Best SERP Scrapers & Analyzers (Tools + API)

Samuel Schmitt

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data is used by SEO and businesses to get information from search engines. However, it is time-consuming for business owners to manually get a lot of information from search engines. 

With SERP scrapers and analyzers, users can easily get SERP data from Google, Bing, and other search engines to see how websites and keywords rank on search engine results pages, helping them improve their online presence and performance.

If you are an SEO content strategist, copywriter, or business owner looking for new ideas and information about your competitors, this article is for you. 

It also caters to developers looking for the best SERP API solutions

Whether trying out new content strategies or exploring the complex parts of coding, our list of SERP Scrapers will help you make the right choice, giving you confidence in the ever-changing digital space.

What is a SERP Scraper? 

A SERP Scraper, also known as a SERP Analyzer or SERP Analysis tool, offers information on what shows on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It provides access to real-time data from search engines such as Google.

A SERP Scraper is a specialized tool designed to provide valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies.

Picture it as your discreet informant, giving you information about your competitors’ actions.

However, its role extends beyond this – it serves as a source of creativity, guiding you in crafting content that resonates with your target audience. 

SERP Scraper also functions as a strategic collaborator, helping you find a good SEO plan within the digital space. Whether you seek to gain a competitive advantage, create great content, or establish a prominent online presence, the SERP Scraper is a valuable asset for your business.

A SERP Scraper, in essence, pushes you beyond the surface, unlocking the potential for educated decisions and improved online performance.

The Best SERP Scraper Tools

This section focuses on helpful SERP Scraper tools.

These tools provide a user-friendly way and no-code approach to gather data from Google.

What’s great is that you don’t need to know how to code or be a developer to use them. It’s all about simplicity and efficiency.

thruuu (the most complete SERP Scraper)

thruuu (the most complete SERP Scraper)

Since its beginning in 2019, thruuu has been a pillar in the world of SERP analysis. What distinguishes it? It’s the most thorough SERP Scraper available. 

thruuu goes into more detail about the SERP, page content, and technical aspects. It can examine SERPs from 196 countries and 151 languages and the ability to extract both on-SERP and on-page data.

serp insights

When you start a SERP analysis journey with thruuu, you can get advanced data and insights specific to your SEO content strategy. thruuu possesses a collection of reports designed to help you in strategic planning.

Key features

But that isn’t all. thruuu also has additional features to help your digital experience:


Your business can benefit from the three subscription plans that thruuu offers. You can buy credits, and these credits never run out. 

The first plan is the $19-a-month “Starter” plan. It has these benefits:

The second plan is the $49-a-month “Professional” plan. It has these benefits:

The third plan is the $99-a-month “Agency” plan. It has these benefits:

Sandbox’s SERP analysis tool is your go-to for simplified SERP analysis. It is a tool that allows you to quickly check out what search engines show. 

This tool doesn’t give much specific data compared to tools like thruuu, but it’s great because it looks at something interesting: how fast a web page shows up for you to check out. It’s like seeing how quickly a page is ready for you to explore. 

Key features


The pricing ranges from $0(Free) to $49 per month.

Lowfruit is your gateway to how search engines typically work. This tool exposes crucial insights like word count and website significance.

However, there’s a bit of a problem: doesn’t give you all the important data needed for a proper search analysis. 

Lowfruits provides fundamental analytics, including word count and domain ranking.

Yet, it doesn’t deliver on-page details.

That aside, Lowfruits remains a good tool for finding out your competitors’ strategies.

It’s one of the simplest ways to master search engine dynamics, catering to novices and tech-savvy individuals.

Key features


The pricing comes in three categories: $25/ 2000 credits, $50/5000 credits, and $100/15000 credits.


apify is not your typical tool; it’s a collection of scrapers, each designed for a certain job. It is a distinctive SERP Scraper.

apify specializes in extensive SERP scraping. It can help you get a whole bunch of search results at once.

However, there’s a limitation – it excels in overall SERP data but doesn’t nail down individual page details.

apify leans toward the technical side. It’s great for those well-versed in tech, not the regular marketers.

For tech enthusiasts keen to explore the deeper parts of search engine results, apify is a great fit. 

Its strength lies in providing a broader view of search results rather than delving into the fine details of individual pages.

So, if you’re prepared to navigate the world of SERP with a tool tailored for professionals, apify is a good tool to help.

Key features


The price is high and can be confusing as it is based on the resources needed by the scrapers.

The pricing ranges from $0(Free) to $499 per month.

Mangools SERP Checker 

Mangools SERP Checker allows users to view the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for specific keywords, helping them understand how websites rank for those terms. 

Mangools SERP Checker concentrates on off-page data, such as page authority, backlinks, and IP addresses. This focus enables users to assess the strength and authority of websites without scraping on-page content.

This tool removes unnecessary details and delivers actionable insights, making it an essential asset for businesses seeking to optimize their online presence and improve search engine rankings. 

Key features

Supported locations: This tool can check local SERPs with live previews in over 50,000 locations, including cities, countries, and DMA regions.

Advanced SEO metrics: It has over 45 SEO metrics, snapshot previews, and rich snippets detection that evaluate a website’s authority, popularity, and backlink profile.

Reliable results: It analyzes the impact of SERP features on the common organic results.


The pricing ranges from $0(Free) to $129 per month.

The Best SERP APIs

In this section, we’ll be looking at a different category: SERP APIs. 

SERP APIs are made for developers. To use an API you must know how to code and need technical knowledge to be used properly.

SERP APIs are not as easy to use as the tools we just talked about. If you’re a developer or have coding skills, you’ll be able to unlock your full potential using SERP APIs. 

Value SERP

Value SERP is the “World’s Lowest Cost SERP API” and is used to analyze search engine results pages (SERPs) efficiently. It helps you see how websites rank for specific keywords on Google only.

You can get information programmatically about Google Search, News, Images, and Video.

This information is crucial for improving your website’s content and strategy to enhance its visibility on search engines. 

Also, ValueSERP offers the option to run SERP Analysis in bulk.

Search engines supported


In terms of pricing, it’s also the cheapest among SERP APIs, You can pay-as-you for $2.50 for 1000 requests or pay monthly for $40.


DataForSEO is probably the most complete SEO API.

It offers several SERP APIs to extract data from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and YouTube.

DataForSEO has other products and APIs to get keywords, backlinks, social media information, and more.

This tool is the most complete SERP API, as it has all the necessary tools a regular developer or marketer would need.

Search engines supported


DataForSEO offers three pricing options: standard queue ($0.0006 per 1 SERP page with a turnaround time of 5 minutes), priority queue ($0.0012 per 1 SERP page with a turnaround time of 1 minute), and live mode queue ($0.002 per 1 SERP page with a turnaround time of 5 seconds).

thruuu (SERP and On-Page API)

thruuu also offers a robust SERP API. It’s standout as it is the only SERP API including on-page data. 

When requesting keywords, the API will return up to 100 SERP results and on-page data such as word count, image count, last update, most frequent terms, most frequent questions, and more.

These qualities set thruuu apart, making it an optimal choice for you if you want to integrate thruuu into your in-house solution and perform content analysis at scale. 

Search engines supported


Pricing ranges from $0.19 to $0.09 per keyword as your needs grow, assuring affordability without sacrificing quality. 

For agency plan users, you get for free a website API. With this API, you can extract any on-page date from the URL.


SearchApi is a cutting-edge SERP scraping tool that stands out for its real-time data extraction capabilities from various search engines. Despite being the newest player in the market, it is expanding its services rapidly due to its focus on open-source and AI integrations.

Key features include JSON or HTML data formats, a broad range of customizable parameters, and a powerful proxy network to circumvent IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

Offering exceptional support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, SearchApi is optimized for precision and scale, catering to the most demanding technical needs.

Search engines supported


SearchApi API has four pricing options: the developer plan for $40 per month (10k searches), the production plan for $100 per month (35k searches), the big data plan for $250 per month (100k searches), and the scale plan for $500 per month (250k searches).


Zenserp API offers several search engine data such as Google Search, Google Trends, YouTube, Bing, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo.

Zenserp has a fast response time among SERP APIs, ensuring no delays in your analysis.

In 2022, ZenSERP was acquired by APILayer, and this caused many issues with their support. Some issues took several months to be fixed.

Search engines supported


Zenserp offers four pricing options: the small plan for $29 per month, the medium plan for $89 per month, the large plan for $189 per month, and the very large plan for $399 per month.


SerpApi provides access to search engine results pages (SERPs) programmatically. It offers data for a wide range of searches. 

Obviously, you can find Google Search in the list, but also Google Maps, Job, Shopping, Images, Autocomplete, and more.

It also offers endpoints for other search engines, including some not offered by other SERP APIs, such as Walmart Search Engine, Home Depot Search Engine, or the Apple Store API.

SerpApi could be the best API if you focus on Google Search and e-commerce.

Search engines supported


SERP API API has three pricing options: the developer plan for $50 per month, the production plan for $130 per month, and the big data plan for $250 per month.

Getting Started with SERP Scraping

Being ahead of competitors is important in the world of online marketing. That’s where SERP scrapers and APIs come in. SERP scrapers let you get data directly, like finding hidden treasures.

These tools provide businesses with the means to refine their strategies and enhance their content effectively. This helps them stay sharp in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization. 

So, whether you’re new to this field or looking to enhance your business’s online presence, these tools act as guides. They will help you understand the online world and make informed decisions.

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